Porter Yoshida


If you are serious about your bags, then Porter Yoshida is the brand for you. Handmade in Japan by only the finest, most skilled artisans, each piece is made, from inception to finish, by the same craftsman, with all components, from zips to canvas and accessories, being created exclusively for the brand. While the full Porter collection houses over 2,000 items, pieces are split into sub-collections, each taking anywhere between two to three years to develop and periodically improved and refined over the years.


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  • Porter Yoshida

    Tanker Day Pack

    AUD 544.01
  • Porter Yoshida

    Tanker 2-Way Boston Bag M

    AUD 945.95
  • Porter Yoshida

    Tanker 2-Way Helmet Bag M

    AUD 569.42
  • Porter Yoshida

    Draft Tote Bag

    AUD 836.22
  • Porter Yoshida

    Draft Back Pack

    AUD 962.12
  • Porter Yoshida

    Original Orgabits Denim Tote Bag S Wash

    AUD 401.94
  • Porter Yoshida

    Tanker Wallet

    AUD 234.47
  • Porter Yoshida

    Tanker Pouch

    AUD 251.79