M. Cohen


Hailing from Northern Israel, Maor Cohen of M.Cohen has the strong belief that exceptional jewellery is created when connections are made. Using his love for travel as inspiration behind his unique pieces, he draws upon the individualism of different cultures and landscapes in his designs, seeing each country's indigenous materials as a starting point for creation. His interesting and innovative pieces and approach to creation have seen his designs being worn by the likes of Johnny Depp, Chris Hemsworth and Jon Bon Jovi.


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  • M. Cohen

    Stacked Discs Bracelet

    AUD 547.47
  • M. Cohen

    Silver And Gemstone Templar Bracelet

    AUD 273.74
  • M. Cohen

    Triple Strand Metal Bead Trebuchet Bracelet

    AUD 470.09
  • M. Cohen

    Silver Cornerless Bead Bracelet

    AUD 286.44
  • M. Cohen

    Turquoise And Silver Ingot Round Table Bracelet

    AUD 293.37
  • M. Cohen

    Four-layer Silver Bead Bracelet

    AUD 234.47