Emerging Korean menswear label Juun.J strikes out with a compelling collection comprising of over-the-top shapes in the form of voluminous armour-like outerwear heavily influenced by sportswear alongside mind-bending surrealist illustration prints on a series of neoprene sweaters. The brand’s strength in tailoring and construction is also highlighted in the form of  sleek coats infused with rounded shoulders. Fabrics with a metallic sheen are mixed together with tough leather and sophisticated wool textures.


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  • Juun.J

    V-Neck Wrap Dress

    Regular Price: AUD 825.22

    Special Price AUD 412.61

  • Juun.J

    Round Crossbody Bag

    Regular Price: AUD 712.64

    Special Price AUD 356.32

  • Juun.J

    Double Sleeves Hoodie

    Regular Price: AUD 632.83

    Special Price AUD 316.42

  • Juun.J

    Long-Sleeved Checked Blouse

    Regular Price: AUD 746.57

    Special Price AUD 373.29

  • Juun.J

    Checked Detailing T-Shirt

    Regular Price: AUD 486.42

    Special Price AUD 243.21

  • Juun.J

    Drawstring Sweatpants

    Regular Price: AUD 621.94

    Special Price AUD 310.97

  • Juun.J

    Tailored Cargo Pants

    Regular Price: AUD 734.47

    Special Price AUD 367.24

  • Juun.J

    Cotton Chino Joggers

    Regular Price: AUD 678.81

    Special Price AUD 339.41

  • Juun.J

    Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirt

    Regular Price: AUD 486.42

    Special Price AUD 243.21

  • Juun.J

    Embroidered Baseball Cap

    Regular Price: AUD 203.28

    Special Price AUD 101.64

  • Juun.J

    Printed T-shirt

    Regular Price: AUD 327.91

    Special Price AUD 163.96

  • Juun.J

    Layered Sleeves Shirt

    Regular Price: AUD 696.96

    Special Price AUD 348.48

  • Juun.J

    Printed Oversized Parka

    Regular Price: AUD 1,437.48

    Special Price AUD 718.74