Armani Junior

Armani Junior


It's never too early to look your best. And Giorgio Armani has designs on kids: Armani Junior was launched to cater exclusively to boys and girls aged 0 to 14 who want to imitate the discerning style of their Armani-clad parents. Or rather parents who aim to outfit their children to be the best-looking arm-accessories any proud parent can flaunt. From basics to separates, the Armani Junior line is a statement in form and function: Comfort is never sacrificed at the altar of funky designs. And like any apparel or accessory that bears the Armani trademark, the attention to detail is legendary.


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  • Armani Junior Layette Boy

    Short Sleeve Pique Polo Tee

    AUD 96.80
  • Armani Junior Layette Boy

    Short Sleeved Logo T-shirt

    AUD 107.69
  • Armani Junior Girl

    Short Sleeve Graphic T-shirt

    AUD 129.47
  • Armani Junior Boy

    Basic Poplin Stretch Shirt

    AUD 171.82
  • Armani Junior Girl

    Graphic Print Tee

    AUD 140.36