She's the world's most-loved and recognisable red ribbon-wearing cat. This season, British cult favourite Lazy Oaf pays homage to Hello Kitty with a 16-piece collection in collaboration with Sanrio, the iconic feline's Japanese founder.

Having loved Hello Kitty since first spying her on a pencil case belonging to a Japanese school friend back in the eighties, Lazy Oaf founder Gemma Shiel has revived the cute figurine for Lazy Oaf's fashion-loving millennial fans.

“The rebellious attitude of Lazy Oaf married with the innocence of Hello Kitty fashions a natural unison of the two brands. The collection will undoubtedly bring nostalgia to our fans with pieces defined forever à la mode"
Terence Shek, Head of Creative and Design EMEA

The quintessentially Japanese icon sits subtly with eighties-styled silhouettes and modern streetwear elements. Iconic red bows decorate backs of shirts, denim shirt pockets and the backs of baseball caps. Not everything is quite so Hello Kitty-heavy; adorable checked cropped pants and vintage inspired high-waisted denim jeans feature small Hello Kitty patches on them, making a statement in kawaii chic.

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